The Fashion | Ye-Ye-Yellow

Things haven't been going great lately and that outed itself with a two-day absence on here and my inner psycho unleashing itself. The psycho thing is more of a problem for the people around me -and my pride, who in the mean time has already accumulated some dents- than it is for you. So let's put that aside and let me share some yellow-lovin' with you today! 

I've been digging this colour ever since I got myself a striped black & white dress for New Year's Eve -which I of course never wore- and the wonderful idea of that dress combined with a yellow blazer entered my head. Needless to say I never actually found a yellow blazer, but the idea of yellow stuck around. Now I honestly do think that yellow rarely suits people who aren't tan, even if it's just the tiniest bit, so whenever I spot a yellow dress I don't even bother to try.

But I can still share the love, right?


The Outfit | Cow Shorts

ZARA TOP // ZARA COW SHORTS // JOSEPHINE SANDAL IN COGNAC (not visible here, but you can see them in THIS blogpost!)

After a few colourful escapades I've reverted back to my old ways and I'm dressed all black and white again, the white is a little more prominent this time, but I still feel like my outfits are getting more and more monochrome the "older" I get. -Makes me sound all adult and all...- The appeal of an all black and white outfit is just a little too much for me, I guess.

Some YouTuber once showed me a pair of cow printed shorts, and I was sold straight away. I remember it being sold at Zara in all sorts of funky patterns, but as per usual every fancy item was sold out in my size -and I kind of had to go with the least coloured item since I wanted it to fit in with my oh-so colourful closet-, so I saved some money and only brought this one back home. Thanfully, because it soon became one of my wardrobe staples. 


The Video | Weekly Vlogging #11

First of all I would like to thank you for my first 100th followers!!! I literally can't put in words how excited I am for reaching that -tiny but yet- amazing milestone! 
Second I would like to apologize for even daring to upload such a boring vlog. -My laptop keeps changing vlog to blog...- 
So, wanna see me do absolutely nothing?