The Outfit | Kimono


To many people's disbelieve I traded my black blazer for a less fitted, more colourful copy coming to you in the shape of a kimono. It was never in the books for me to give in to this trend, mostly because my priorities are usually at finding a piece that fits nicely instead of finding something with the motto: "The baggier, the better!" Also because this is one hell of a colourful item, and I am used to wearing this exact combination with -can you guess it?-, my black blazer. But it happened that on a Monday afternoon, celebrating the first day of one of my holidays, my mom and I took a walk around town and realised I desperately needed something to wear on my jumpsuit, because the leather jacket thing I was doing was more of a no-no than a go-go. And after trying on the whole stores worth of blazers and jackets, this kimono was shown to me. It was mine pretty short after.

Want to know something else that's more a no-no than a go-go? That pair of shorts. Another trend I gave into is the diy-ed Levi's 501 jeans-to-shorts, and by giving in to this trend you also give permission to the whole world to shamelessly watch your ass while passing by. I realise, really.


-Photos by Sarah

The Video | Weekly Vlogging #10

Words can't really describe how amazing these two days were, but they really were!

The Outfit | Cotton Candy Dress


So here I am, writing some blogposts -plural because this isn't the only one I still have to write- 8 hours before I am leaving to Paris. Had I planned writing these earlier? Yes, somewhere around last week I think. The thing is I can't really plan, and I also really don't want to quit the daily-ish blogging now. So... #thuglife

I got this dress a little while back in Bruges. However it still being June, it already had a 50% off, and a girl can't say no to that. Can she? It has this vibe of a certain age that I can't recall, but I really, really like it. Wearing this with my leather jacket and studded boots it gives a much more sturdy look, which is exactly what I'm going for about 99% of the time. -Lot's of % in this one- 

Anyhow, my future me will hate me for writing a post this short and this uninteresting. But I do need some sleep, and apparently I chose quantity over quality today. 

-Future me, I sincerely apologise!

The Video | Weekly Vlogging #9

I can't be the only one who doesn't really bother to pack her sleeping bag when going back home, right?
Anyhow, enjoy!

The Fashion | Pineapples and Palmtrees

Go Hawaiian this summer with pineapples -they're really popping up everywhere this summer, not only in our fruit bowls- and palm trees. Nature was funky once upon a summer, but this summer it's all about the two P's. Fruit inspired fashion has been around for a while now, and with it's palm tree like shape -I'm talking about the pineapple, it's kinda logical a palm tree has a palm tree shape- it brings us to the palm tree trend. It's also sure to bring a tropical vibe to your outfit. It evokes a retro and quirky feel -which I have been enjoying thoroughly-  (Exhibit No. 1 & Exhibit No. 2) and has become a favourite amongst I high amount of brands and designers.
And so far my lovely sales pitch, I really looked like I was trying to sell you something. But seriously, I can't really describe how much I enjoy this print. -While writing this I am wearing a palm tree printed shirt, says enough right?-

I know there are people who are going to ask where to get all of the things I'm showing you, and to be really honest, I don' really know. I started of looking up pictures quite a while ago, and I of course forgot to write down where I found all of them, so I am very, very sorry!